ClojureScript announced

Rich Hickey and the Clojure/core team just announced (ok, they announced it last week, but I was on vacation then, so I actually have an excuse to be blogging late) a new project, ClojureScript, a Clojure to JavaScript compiler.  With Clojure being a great language to develop and JavaScript being nearly ubiquitous for web programming (though not always that great to program in), it does certainly look interesting.  I was a little disappointed as when I heard rumors of it at the TriClojure meetup earlier this month, I was hoping it would be an Android library (that wasn’t slow and didn’t add a few megs to the app), but I will have to play with it some.  I haven’t done much with JavaScript in several years (for which I am thankful for), but this should give me an excuse to get back into it.

The “Clojure”/”Google Closure” thing is going to get a bit confusing though.

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